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All published SFSD History Online articles periodically have new additions to content and graphics. The research process is ever evolving and new information continues to be integrated throughout the site.

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Michael Hennessey - author, editor, researcher. He is the longest tenured Sheriff in San Francisco history, serving from 1980-2012.

Richard Dyer - author, editor, researcher. He is the creator/writer of The Giants Cove and annoyingly claims to be a proficient bass player.

San Francisco Sheriff's Department History Online is an ongoing project researched, written and edited by Michael Hennessey and Richard Dyer.

Virtually all of the material presented here is first-hand research by the authors working with primary sources. The full documentation of this San Francisco history did not previously exist prior to its publication here.

We would like to thank the generous staffs at the San Francisco Main Library SF History Center, the Bancroft and Doe Libraries at UC Berkeley, and the California State Library for their invaluable and continuing help. Other graphics, photos and additional material from Mike Hennessey's personal collection. Also our thanks to retired SFSD Undersheriff Carl Koehler and former SFSD Sr. Dep. Mike Anderson.

All sources and reproduced materials noted. Please forward any corrections, suggestions, comments, or additional material relevant to the history of the San Francisco Sheriff's Department.

The independent research and specific text of this website may not be reproduced without the documented permission and specific attribution of the authors. Expensively-dressed attorneys are poised with designer leather briefcases in their hands, ready to take legal action in the event this rule is not followed.

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