Eras In SFSD History

The Ingleside Jail Photo Collection

The following photos of the San Francisco Sheriff's Department Ingleside Jail (1876-1934) are from the private collection of former Sheriff's Senior Deputy Michael Anderson. Senior Deputy Anderson discovered a collection of glass plate negatives of the Ingleside Jail which were taken in May 1930.  Anderson then managed to find a rare photo shop tech who could develop the glass negatives into prints, and then to digital images.


Two inmates on bench in Ingleside Jail main rotunda.

Bench outside the jail tailor shop.

Cats on outside building doorstep.

Cell doors.

Desk and jail tiers, Ingleside women's jail.

Buildings on jail grounds.

Ingleside Jail main entry courtyard.

Yale padlock inside jail.

Women's dorm, Ingleside women's jail.

Female inmate in cell.

Male inmate in cell.

Secured stairway to jail tiers.

Outside stairway.

Another outside staircase.

Deputy sheriff in main rotunda area.

Faucet detail on jail grounds.

Women's jail building, southside.

Women's jail building front.

Basement area stairways.

Inmate showers.

Dormitory sinks.

Bathtubs with the sign "Bath Tubs For Cripples Only".

Electrical wiring along ceiling.

Coal heater/stovetop in inmate dormitory with numbered beds.

Second tier cells walkway.

Ingleside Jail cell tiers.

Men's dormitory with beds and common area in center.

Outside windows detail.

One story building on jail grounds. Sign on right corner of building reads "Notice, Prisoners not allowed beyond this corner without permission of [unreadable]". Notice how close the increasing residential growth in the expanding neighborhood has come right up to the jail property.

Main Ingleside Jail entrance with car parked outside.