The History of the San Francisco Sheriff's Department

A research work in progress documenting the history of the San Francisco Sheriff's Dept. from 1846 to date.

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1.  Before Statehood:
the Sheriffs of the District of
Francisco, 1846-1850

  2.  John Coffee Hays:
       San Francisco's First Elected
, 1850

  3.  SF Sheriffs: 1846-1861

  4. The Ingleside Jail, 1876-1934

  5.  1906 Earthquake and Fire


  7.  County Jail No. 1: 1915-1961

  8.  The Most Modern Jail in
        the World, 1934-1996

  9.  Hongisto: 1972-1978

10.  A New Direction: 1980-2012

Chronological List
of San Francisco Sheriffs


Chronological List
of San Francisco County Jail Locations

Executions in San Francisco


1936 San Bruno map

SFSD Star Collection

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